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... [Feb. 12th, 2006|01:50 am]
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[mood |sillysilly]
[music |the cat purring loud enough to be heard outside]

Okay, so I'm terrible at updating. Nothing new, is it? I read and comment still! ^-^()


It's finally winter here, which of course only started *after* the silly groundhog came out of the ground and saw his shadow (has he ever *not*? I mean, I think *I* would run back in my hole in the ground if a bunch of people I didn't know were watching me...), and is now apparently trying to make up for its lateness with pure nastiness.

I am Not Impressed, winter.

Went shopping today regardless of the disgusting grey half-ice drizzle and got some lovely things while spending quite a lot of money (I've been saving up)- a new brown skirt from Guess, down to 13 something from 89.00 (win!), two new shirts, earrings, makeup, and knee-high brown boots, 10 dollars down from about 40 (more win! also, I have wanted knee-high boots for ages, and now have them. yay!).

Also purchased something for Jason for Valentine's Day, which I will now cease to discuss since he reads this journal and all.

Driving home, I was treated to a lovely sunset, all purple clouds and neon pink lining and bright orange sun. It was lighter at six-thirty than it was at 11am. I feel that is a very strange thing, though nice- I was really getting tired of the grey.

Did... absolutely nothing when I got home. Good job me- I have the world's most exciting life. o0. Ah well, everyone will be home tomorrow night from the trip, which is apparently going okay, from what I could gather. Jason was very tired when I talked to him and so some of his words got all mixed up, so I'll have to figure out all the details once they've returned and can tell me about it.

Tomorrow- homework day. Also, laundry. And possibly WoW. And I need to figure out what's up with Wicked in May, as I suspect Shawn is now wondering if I have died. Ooops. Clearly, tomorrow must be a day of toil...!

Or, you know, hiding under the nice warm blankets. I think that sounds nice too. We shall have to see- it's so difficult to be productive on icky weather days.

For now, though, the blankets are definetely calling my name.

More updates tomorrow, perhaps? Maybe even a steady flow of entries in this thing? One never knows... a miracle could happen. ^-^
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So. A new year. [Jan. 1st, 2006|12:44 pm]
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[mood |energeticenergetic]

They say that how you spend the first part of the new year shows you how you'll spend the rest of it. Well, I spent the first bit of 2006 with two good friends, laughing and drinking mimosas. And also being very much in love with Jason, who called me as the new year came in and made me even happier than I already was.

I think I can handle a year that reflects that. So, on that note- my resolutions:

The attitude resolutions:

1) Cry less, smile more, and learn to appreciate how lucky I really am.
2) Start dreaming big dreams again.
3) Enjoy every moment and notice the little things instead of rushing through every day in a hurry to get nowhere in particular.
4) Be more confident and assertive and all together more in control of own life, etc.

The doing things resolutions
5) Keep a booklog. I'm curious.
6) Start writing again. And keep writing. Let's say... 500,000 words this year. Might as well set the goal high, hmm? (5b: keep a running tally of said words)
7) Become more organized (an eternal goal. Perhaps this year is the year! o.o)
8) Good grades, good grades, good grades. Etc. ^-^

Hope you all had a lovely and safe New Year's Eve and are enjoying the day today. And now I should probably go and wish my mother a happy birthday. Later!

Edit: One last resolution: Don't burn any more popcorn!
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2005|01:46 am]
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

So I'm ashamed and have a headache from a totally hideous smell, and I keep coughing and I don't dare go into the kitchen. What did I do?

That's right. I burned popcorn.

I have *never* done this before. Grr. And now the house smells like burnt popcorn (worst smell in the *world*- I don't see why it gets to be so much *worse* than other burnt things) and probably will for a while.

I'm just glad the smoke alarm didn't go off.

And you know what? I didn't even get any munchies out of this. There was nothing at all salvagable in that bag.

Dad keeps laughing at me.

Terribly, terribly, completely embarrassed. I feel like such an idiot.

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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2005|01:59 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

So... clearly this paper (for Alexander class) is plagued with problems. I really hope this isn't a reflection of how the grading of it is going to go. =/ A migraine keeping me from working on it yesterday, all the books being on reserve (and thus unable to leave the reserve room, which will have a bearing on my next complaint), and, now, my laptop battery charger deciding to suddenly stop working. I've plugged it into seven different power plugs. If it's the plugs, the library's got to just be out of power...which is clearly not the case. AGH. So I have to run and get money so that I can make photocopies of all the information in the books, so that I can work on my paper on a library computer upstairs. Joy. This is going to get expensive *really quickly*.

*runs off in a mad rush to do all these things*

Also, my thesis paragraph is terrible. I think I'm going to need to write that last so that I can just summarize what I've already written.

Hello, all-nighter, here I come.
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On the Occasion of a Day of Remembrance [Nov. 11th, 2005|04:24 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

Most of the time, I love my school. Some of my best memories are here, and many of my best friends. But sometimes? Sometimes I just want to smack somebody for how much Clemson doesn't seem to get things.

You see, today is what used to be called Armistice Day, what’s been transformed into Veteran’s Day- a day to remember what happened in WWI, a day to remember all those lost and all those who fought. There is nothing on campus mentioning this. Nothing.

I was in class at 11:11 today – my teacher felt it necessary to start the class early. I’m not sure if he realized what he was doing. I hope not. All across Europe, the traffic lights turned red, work stopped, people fell silent. And they remembered.

Here, in Clemson, SC, in America, I listened to someone talk about Shakespeare. There have been no red poppies, this year, or the last. Something about that feels very wrong to me- I had a red cloth poppy every year growing up. Not since getting to college.

Two minutes. Would that have been so very hard to do? Two minutes of silence, to remember those who can no longer speak. But not here. Here, we continue on, speaking in the silent moment.

Have we really forgotten this much?

Is it to avoid offense? Who would be offended, I wonder? It doesn’t just celebrate American veterans, or even the Allied victory. It celebrates the end of fighting; it commemorates those who died before they could see that end. What it does is attempt to make sure that those who died in war (WWI or any other) are not left unremembered. I’m not sure how that could be insulting to anyone. I can certainly see, however, how it could be offensive to *not* remember.

You don’t have to support the wars. You don’t have to agree with what was done. But you cannot forget that it was. It won’t make the action go away, and it won’t bring people back to life. But maybe, in remembering, we could try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just missed what Clemson did for Veteran’s Day. I hope so. Because the thought that they did nothing at all, when there is a memorial on campus to the students *from Clemson* who never came back after the war… that makes me ill.
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Schedule! [Nov. 11th, 2005|11:15 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]

I win at life. ^_^

My schedule came out with no problems at all, for the very first time in my time at Clemson.

*so excited*

Well, here it is...

1:25-2:15 : English 190 (Introduction to the English Major)
2:30-3:45 : English 455 (American Humor)
4:00-5:15 : English 386 (Adolescent Literature)

9:30-10:45 : English 346 (Structure of Poetry)
11:00-12:15 : English 492 (Modern Rhetoric)
2:00-3:15 : English 310 (Critical Writing)

1:25-2:15 : English 190 (Introduction to the English Major)
2:30-3:45 : English 455 (American Humor)
4:00-5:15 : English 386 (Adolescent Literature)

9:30-10:45 : English 346 (Structure of Poetry)
11:00-12:15 : English 492 (Modern Rhetoric)
2:00-3:15 : English 310 (Critical Writing)

NO CLASSES! *joyous dances*

Heeee. I currently have Women's Glee scheduled after 310 on TTH; we shall see if I keep it. I'll have to talk to somebody about it, I guess.

Lovely glorious schedule... this has so made my week. =)
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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2005|11:00 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |rushedtoo much]
[music |"One of Us"]

Why is it that everything seems to want to land on me at once? I'm so amazingly stressed out it's not even funny, for all that I may not show it. I get very quiet when I'm stressed and tired (both of which I seriously seriously am) so I often wonder if anyone even notices. It's not all that important, I suppose, but its just one more little thing piled up on top of all the other things that seem determined to drive me insane.

Turned in my Alexander bibliography today, after staying up late doing it last night. We'll see how that goes, though probably not before the midterm. Now I only have 10,999,999 things to do, rather than the 20 million I did have. Super comforting. Not.

There's no rest for me anywhere in the near future- two tests (computer programming and chemistry), a paper on Hamlet (garden of eden reflections), and lab (with presentation) tomorrow; then I have to somehow manage to do most of my Halloween costume (Rinoa of FF8) on Thursday, as that's the first time I'll have time (did I mention the first Halloween party is Thursday night? Yeah.), then I need to get a serious start on the *research* for the Alexander paper, as the deadline is rocketing toward me and I haven't put nearly as big a dent in the work as I should have by now. Then this weekend is the Bruce clinic for fencing, which will be both useful and fun, but which will also take up *all* of my time this weekend, so no chance for rest there. Then, next week, I have general classwork stuff, plus research, plus fencing like a madwoman to make up for all the practice I've had to miss due to work and illness, plus the beginning of Nanowrimo Tuesday (which I have to get ahead in majorly because of the next thing I'm about to mention). Then there's a Wednesday, which leaves me falling over and frustrated and stressed in *normal* times, and then I have an Alexander midterm on Thursday, and then, Friday, we're leaving to spend the weekend fencing in Philadelphia (at Temple)- which means I have to pack Thursday night. We will return Monday morning, and I will be *super* surprised if I can manage to get off the bus without help at that point. And then I have to get through another week before I have a time to rest (the weekend). And that's just the work, not even going into any physical yuckiness or emotional turmoil.

I'm going to *die*.

*pulls hair* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2005|06:49 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |energeticenergetic]

I feel really very domestic today (also very sore from yesterday, but that's not the point of this). We decided that Saturday, I could cook dinner for Jason (and for myself, of course), and I've been planning it for the last few days. I went grocery shopping today, and spent quite a lot of money, but that's okay, because what I bought can be used for a bunch of meals, and most of it will keep for a long time (about half of the price was in the spices- those things are expensive!). I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also nervous- what if I screw it up and it's inedible, etc. I'm sure it will be fine, but I wish I could try out the recipe before I feed it to Jason. o.o

Ah well. I enjoy cooking, so long as I'm not being *made* to do it, or told what to cook- standing over a hot, boiling pot of spaghetti that I didn't want isn't my idea of a good time. But when you get to go to the grocery store and pick out all the ingredients yourself, figuring out which of the fruits or veggies are ripe and yummy, strolling down the rows with the meal building in your mind as you consider what best to put in it- that's lovely. And seeing everything come together in the kitchen, with the savory or spicy or sweet scents of the food hovering in the air around you, bringing it out and sitting down to take a bite out of something that you *made yourself*, that you can be proud of... wonderful. I think feeding people is a mixture of several of the things that make me happy: cooking, taking care of people, and giving presents. And also feeling self-sufficent and adult- I mean, you're buying and cooking your own food. You've grown up. I like that feeling. Instant stuff from a box just isn't the same. But we're in college, and we don't always have time to really cook, so I suppose instant will sometimes have to do.

But sometimes, it doesn't need to. And sitting here with the light of the setting sun turning everything golden and warm as I look up ways to make what I'm preparing especially good, I'm glad to have the opportunity for that.

...And Thursdays still seem like the weekend should be starting. How odd. I keep having to remind myself that it's Friday tomorrow, not Saturday.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|09:40 pm]
[mood |exhaustedI *was* feeling accomplished..]

=( Had an entry. No more entry, cause the computer ate it. Sadness. Stupid computer.


Maybe I'll retype it later.
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Random ramblings on school and adulthood [Sep. 19th, 2005|03:07 pm]
[Tags|, , ]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Jason and Pam discussing econ]

So. I've officially had my first test of the fall semester- Chemistry 102, at 1:25 today. I think I did well on it, though there were only 16 questions, so even missing one is bad *frets a bit*. Ah well. Last night and today marks the first time I've really felt like I'm back in college this semester- I've been kind of drifting through an extended summer until now.

I'm glad to have that settled in feeling again. I hated not having anything to do.

Studying for the test was great. My mind was full of facts and theories and formulas- I adore chemistry formulas, which is funny, because I despise math. But then, I'm reasonably sure that I only dislike straight math, in which my mind refuses to find any purpose. Purposeless math is almost unlearnable for me- it's my biggest academic weakness. But chem formulas have very distinct purposes- you know what to put into them to get back what you need to know. It's neat.

I think I'll have even more fun when I start taking classes that only the people who are serious about the subject take- in general ed courses, you hear a lot of complaining and "ewww, I hate this subject, etc", which is really sad when you think that it's great. I suppose it happens more in the subjects that tend to weed out the most people. I'm starting to understand what Jason feels like when people go about bashing econ.

Book review due in Alexander the Great on Thursday- that'll get me into the mindset for that class, which is largely based around a semester long research paper project. I'll probably start work on that at this Friday's library time (which is a lovely wonderful fantastic idea, as there's no better motivator for doing work than seeing lots of other people doing it, as you feel if they can do it so can you...). Shakespeare's still boring, but he thought my tossed off paper was "eloquently written", so I'm not seeing much of a problem there.

Yay for school being enjoyable again...

Not terribly much has been happening otherwise- fencing's started, and we've already had our first fundraiser (at Ancheaux's...I was waitressing for two and a half hours, which wasn't bad at the time, but ooh, I felt it the next day.). Our next one is this weekend, selling neat paintings of Tillman to the visiting parents and anyone else who wants to purchase one... My dad and Stacey will be coming up for the weekend (I decided inviting both parents and their other people would be a Very Bad Idea, and so will try to have mom up later.), along with Jason's family. They've never met each other (the parents, I mean), as far as I remember, so we'll see how that goes. ^_^(). Should be fun, if a bit nerveracking, and nice to see Dad again, as we didn't really get to visit when I was down in Columbia the other weekend. Funny how much you appreciate seeing your parents when you don't see them more than a few times a semester.

It's weird...I feel way more grown up this year than I did last year. Maybe it's because I'm paying for *a lot* more this semester than I did freshman year- insurance, rent, food, tuition, books, fencing stuff, gas- everything except my cellphone bill (which is an "extra phone" on my grandfather's plan, so he's not paying much extra either) and my car insurance. I guess it's nice to feel like I'm an adult and capable of taking care of myself, though I do wish being an adult didn't cost so much!

Well, I guess I'll stop rambling and get back to reading my book review book, or maybe playing WoW. Who knows which? ^-^
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